Simon O’Rourke creating The Beatles

North Side

On four magical days in August 2017, the Pier Head Village will host the internationally celebrated and award-winning wood sculptor Simon O’Rourke as he takes his audience on four unique visual and musical journeys celebrating the greatest band of all time. Over a period of approximately six hours per day on four separate days – culminating in the Bank Holiday weekend (Sunday and Monday 26th and 27th August) – and using only his chainsaw – Simon will transform huge tree trunks into statues of the Fab Four, inspired by the iconic Pier Head Beatles statues in a specially designed performance space in the shadow of the originals. Accompanied by a journey through the entire Beatles discography and some special live performances, the show forms the finale of the Pier Head Village’s “Beatle Weekender”.

Once complete, the four will be revealed as the full band, before one of the History Channel’s most respected auctioneers conducts an international auction of all four band members with all proceeds going to local children’s charities. Free to enter and completely unmissable.